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Cars Wanted
Date Posted Year Description Price
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None at this time



Austin 1800
Date Posted Year Description Price
24/09/18 1970

Austin 1800 Mk2, Beige with Tan interior. on SORN. For restoration, please see pictures.

Please contact: Ron Laird Tel: 07880 544339 (Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.) LOCI member.

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31/07/18 -

Austin 1800 Mk2 Automatic, I bought this rust-free LEFT-HAND-DRIVE car two years ago from a well-known LOCI member and had its restoration finished by my local garage Donnington Classic and Sports Cars. The previous owner had fitted new black carpets and new seats with black upholstery and had the car painted Persian Blue. Donnington fitted new window seals with chrome inserts, braking system, tyres, ball joints, hoses, Tex mirrors, ignition etc. and reconditioned the carburettor and alternator. Car is in THE NETHERLANDS.

Please contact: Robert Bogers Tel: +31 (0) 610402408 (The Netherlands) LOCI member.

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€8990 / £7990 ono

22/06/18 -

Austin 1800 Mk2, over the past 3 years has had new drive shafts, wheel cylinders, brake flexi hoses, clutch master cylinder, new alternator, fitted with ex-MoD engine/gearbox package, new exhaust system.

Paintwork leaves a bit to be desired due to high summer temperatures followed by bitter winters in France where car has been located. Windscreen and rear window seals are watertight but would benefit from new ones. Car is RIGHT-HAND DRIVE.

Car is now back in UK and being sold on behalf of a LOCI Member through Steve Walker at Oldcott Motors in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire. Tel 01782 782 081 for more details.

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Morris 1800
Date Posted Year Description Price
15/10/18 1971

Morris 1800 Mk2S. Due to a new project and with great sadness i am unfortunately having to sell my Morris 1800S.

I have owned the car for several years and is well known in the Landcrab Owners Club. It has done 44,000 miles from new and has not been modified. it is a very sound car but it needs a full respray and and possibly a new door skin on the rear n/s door, the front n/s wing also needs repairing or replacing. I have a resonable secondhand wing and i also have a genuine BL repair panel for where it meets up with the front indicator also a new headlamp bowl.

The only welding that i know of are a couple of patches on both the sills and and the o/s inner wheel arch where it joins the sill. The underside of the car has been waxoyl'd and i have used cavitiy wax (Dinitrol) in the box sections.

It has had new windscreen seals fitted front and back as well as chrome effect plastic finishers. The carburettors have had new needles and springs fitted, also fitted a new rockershaft. It has had a brand new o.e full rear exhaust box fitted I also have a full set of brand new carpets to go in it and new bumpers and new front and rear indicator lights. New wiper blades fitted, the gear lever has been powder coated and a new aerial fitted. It is still fitted with is orignal radio but has been modified with a cable to connect to a mobile phone.

I still have the orignal p.a.s rack that was fitted to the car with a reconditioned pump and with all pipe work to convert it back to orignal spec but the rack needs reconditioning. The Motalita steering wheel that is fitted at the moment will be replaced with its factory-fitted steering wheel. The car is still on its orginal engine and gearbox. At the moment the car is sitting on a set of geniune Minilite alloy rims but they are not included in the purchase as I reqiure them for my project, I still have the orginal rims and wheel hubs for the car.

Please contact: Steve Bates Tel: 0121 628 0294 or 07958804818 (Birmingham) LOCI member.

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£3000 ovno


Austin/Morris 2200
Austin Kimberley/Tasman

Date Posted Year Description Price
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None at this time.



Wolseley 18/85 & Six
Date Posted Year Description Price
24/09/18 1973

Wolseley Six, Beautiful British Car 1973 “Wolseley SIX” from Japan, Tokyo I was thinking that it would be the best for her if she will be able to go back to her hometown and and to be able to has another lovely new life with a nice British owner.

It is 1973 ADO17 "Wolseley SIX". I imported it from England in 1996 and have carefully owned here in Japan for over 20 years. When imported from the UK, the body repainted and replacement of carpet and leather seats had been done in the UK. It is a 1 owner car and non-smoking since I posessed it. Both the exterior and interior remain the original in a very good condition. There is a gold line on the side of the navy blue body. There is no rust, cloudiness etc in the plating parts, it is in a beautiful state. There is no rust on the floor. The interior is unified with gray leather seats and carpets. There are no tear on the seat. A clock doesn't work. Audio CD player (not original) is out of order, you can listen to music I installed to hard disk, also a radio doesn't work. Rear speakers can be used. The heater works but the cooler doesn't. All other organizations are in good condition. The headlight lamp of the front grill with the Wolseley logo glows. Leather armrests both front and rear seats and the hydraulic suspensions lead you a comfortable drive.

SPEC Vehicle type: Wolseley Six (ADO 17) Year of Manufacturer: 1973a Registration in Japan: 1996 Mileage: 85,518 km (Unknown mileage ) Engine: 2,227 cc E-Series S.O.H.C. Straight 6 cylinder Total length: 4.24 m Vehicle width: 1.67 m Vehicle Height: 1.42 m

Original radio
Spare front grill (used parts of Wolseley 18/85)
Clutch (new)
Instruction manual (copy)

Main restoration history
August 1997: Tire and headlight changed
September 1997: Front grill replaced to brand new original parts
March 2001: Brake cylinder overhaul, ignition coil changed
October 2003: Audio replaced to SONY (original parts still possess)
June 2005: Bumper overrider attached (original used parts of Wolseley 18/85)
July 2005: Clutch changed
November 2005: Wheel cylinder overhauled, Engine overhauled
November 2007: Brake master cylinder overhauled
September 2008: Hydraulic suspension overhauled
May 2009: Accelerator wires changed
September 2009: Fuel pump changed
November 2009: Front brake caliper piston changed
September 2011: Carburetor overhauled, turn indicator relay exchanged
February 2013: Battery cutoff switch changed, choke wire changed
December 2015: Ignition coil changed
March 2016: Muffler exhaust leak repaired, carburetor overhauled
June 2016: Radiator overhauled, electric fan replaced to a new better quality electric one with a switch

Selling price?17,000 (2,500,000yen) (Price is just for a car, selling as-is; EXCLUDED maintenance, land transport, shipping service, customs, vehicle inspection etc. Please come and pick it up in Tokyo)

Contact: Go Kimura (Tokyo, Japan)

£17,000 (2,500,000yen)

26/05/18 -

Wolseley 18/85, white, scruffy but solid shell, fitted with over sills. Interior is tan, trim in poor condition. Fitted with low-compression mod engine. Tow bar. Will need recovering. Call for further details.

Contact: Ray House 07804 729633 or 07891 888685 (Suffolk)

26/05/18 -

Wolseley 18/85 automatic, Damask red with black interior Needs re-commissioning after being stored in a barn for many years. Will need recovering. Call for further details.

Contact: Ray House 07804 729633 or 07891 888685 (Suffolk)

£800 no offers
26/05/18 1971

Wolseley 18/85 automatic, 85996 miles, Limeflower green with olive interior. Has had new inner and outer sills fitted both sides, new floor pans front & back. Requires a new front valance which can be purchased from the seller at extra cost. The car needs re-commissioning after being stored for many years. Will need recovering. Call for further details.

Contact: Ray House 07804 729633 or 07891 888685 (Suffolk)

£800 no offers


Donor Cars
Date Posted Year Description Price
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None at this time.



Parts For Sale/Wanted
Date Posted Description Price


Engine 1. Complete/ no cylinder head, possibly Mk3. £50

Engine 2. "S" engine & auto box complete will not select reverse. £100

Engine 3. Unused block. £30

Engine 4. Complete engine & gearbox Mk3 car, faulty rebuild engine got tight. £50

Contact: Tony Broadway 07729 256763 (Bristol)



1.Door sets.

2. Engine & gearbox for 1800 car.

3. Engine & gearbox for 2200 car.

4. Rear suspensions complete.

Plus a load more old stock LANDCRAB stuff.

Contact: Mick Howard 01945 584100 (Wisbech, Cambridgeshire)



I have the following new old stock items for sale:

Complete exhaust systems 4 cylinder cars only

New rear bumper(s) 1800/2200 only.

Brand new 1800 MK 1 & 2 radiators



Contact: Ray House 07804 729633 or 07891 888685