Landcrab Gallery

This is the section where members can pit their photographic skills against the professionals of the Sixties who promoted the car on behalf of BMC. If you think you have a good photograph of a Landcrab then show the world with a brief description. Here's several for starters.

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Mike Jordan's 1800 waits for the off at Trentham Gardens in September 2000. Has it ever seen a real rally? Err...ummm... well....not quite yet!

After Paddy Hopkirk took second place in the 1968 London Sydney Marathon BL tried hard to convey the combination of practical family values with its rally heritage.

The Landcrab has always been a family car. Here the Treasurer's two sprogs wait to depart on a family outing in May 1995.

A rare advert promoting the class virtues of the Austin 3 Litre featured in the Sunday Times magazine on August 10th 1969 along with details of the Apollo 11 moon landings.
Brian Huskinson's Wolseley 18/85 takes part in a photoshoot for the October 2002 edition of Classic Cars at Pitsford Water Northants. It was matched against a Cortina 2000E, Humber Sceptre and Vauxhall VX90.
The Wolseley brand was promoted as BMC's alternative to Solihull's Rover 2000 utilising styling cues such as a vertical radiator grill and walnut dash. Here their PR company tries to portray a royal connection.

The winners of the 2002 Annual Rally line up in front of their conquest - the centre section of a German U Boat used in the Mick Jagger film 'Enigma' at Bletchley Park.

Speed testing an Austin 1800 Mk1 at MIRA in 1966 doesn't seem to be causing too much discomfort for the engineers responsible.

BMC publicity photograph
"I always said these six cylinder engines run a little hot!" Southern Secretary Wilf Hatch finds an alternative use for a Wolseley Six at his annual barbecue.
Breaking news...Landcrab born at Austin Centenary event. Baby and proud parents doing well!

Photograph courtesy of Spencer Hall