Landcrabs on Video

We now have a collection of videos which you can download to your PC and view with Windows Media Player or Quicktime depending on the format. Open up a directory for videos, click on the pictures and download the clips!

Rally Review - Ken Green's car (SMO 227G) on the 1970 World Cup Rally – Ken also has the film that Rob McCaulley took as he hung out of the window!! (1.1mb mpeg Windows only). Also in .mov format here.
100 Years of Austin - Thanks to Steve Meredith for this clip featuring Landcrabs in the arena at the Austin Centenary Weekend 2005. (6 minutes, 4.37mb, Windows Media Viewer format)
Time Trial - Ken Green and Spencer Hall in the Kielder Forest on the evening of 5/6/02 up against the clock in the Motor Cycle Club's Centenary rally. (13 seconds)
Water Splash - A dull morning in June on the hills above Llangollen in the pouring rain results in a good photo opportunity while a Morgan Plus 4 waits to tiptoe through afterwards. (5 seconds)
Holiday Camp - The Club Treasurer's RMU 138F ventures into Devon in the 1995 Haynes-RAC Motor Sports Rally to visit a holiday camp near Chudleigh to an interesting commentary. (20 seconds)
Waterfall - A picturesque location near Lampeter is marred by a perennial fog as Ken Green hurries on to Bristol on 6/6/02. Note the red phone box. (20 seconds)

You Tube - Morris 2200 - on the road Listen to the roar of that straight six.

You Tube - Wolseley Adventures A Wolseley 18/85 is awoken from hibernation! Not for the faint-hearted.

You Tube - 1964 London Motor Show at Earls Court

You Tube - 1965 Geneva Motor Show blink and you'll miss it! The half Landcrab appears at around 44 seconds in.

You Tube - Austin Morris dealers - Australian TV commercial

You Tube - Holiday traffic, Devon 1970s One Landcrab and one Landlobster make very brief appearances.

You Tube - There are some really exciting Landcrab related videos posted by club member Spencer Hall on You Tube. Follow the links.

1. The Chase - two Landcrabs tour round Bristol

2. MCC Rally 2002 - the green machine goes yomping

3. Austin 1800 Crashes at Thatcham Research Labs - another Landcrab proves how tough it is


You Tube - Club member Adrian Smith has found the Children's Film and Television Foundation film "Breakout" featuring a Wolseley Six as the escaping villains' car!



You Tube - Shannons Club TV - show about Australia's motoring history on the road and in competition. This episode features the 1800!

Shannons Club TV


You Tube - Any colour you like so long as it's orange - MkI features in this 1983 video for synthpop outfit The Human League.

(Keep Feeling) Fascination

river crossing

You Tube - Austin 1800 Ute on a river crossing - which do you think wins?

River Crossing

Landcrabs on Film & TV

Film buffs may want to keep a look out for cameo appearances by Landcrabs in the following films. There are also reports of Landcrabs appearing in episodes of The Professionals (see below) and in other Carry On films. If you know of more please contact the . For snapshots from many of the series mentioned go to the excellent Internet Movie Cars Database which is the original source* for some of the information below.

Film/TV Series
Production Notes
Year Released
Life On Mars Approximately two seconds of Landcrab reported so far appearing in every episode of this BBC cop series, set in the 1970s (the decade that taste and style forgot). For the anoraks it was soon after the hero was catapulted back to 1973, and featured a side-on view of the rear offside. In later episodes it appears as part of a flashback. See the opening titles on You Tube. The car belongs to LOCI member Greg Juster. Also the same car seems to have been used in the background of the photo of a young "Sam" with a police helmet on. Marvellous! 2006-2007
The Rotters' Club A cornucopia of Landcrabs appear in the three-part dramatisation of Jonathan Coe's semi-autobiography about growing up in Longbridge in the mid-1970s. In episiode 1 the main characters pass a 1300GT before getting into an Austin 1800 after a drink in the local pub. Episode 2 contains period footage of the twin production lines and episode 3 has a white Austin 1800 arriving back home. When originally broadcast (2/2/05) episode 2 was followed by a half hour documentary on trade union activist Red Robbo on BBC4 which also showed the ADO17 assembly line. 2005
The Royal Nina Hughes' MkI 1800 has made numerous appearances in this spin-off from the ITV series Heartbeat, set in the small Yorkshire town of Elsinby during the 1960s. 2003-2009
Leonard Dark Blue Wolseley Six driven by fellow member is pressed into ambulance mode to rush injured son of obsessive father to hospital. 30 seconds. 2002
Crackerjack* MkI 1800 takes a role in this Australian comedy centred around a wisecracking layabout who joins a bowls club in order to use a free parking space. When the club run into financial trouble he is forced to play bowls, with hilarious consequences. The highest-grossing Australian film of 2002 (source Wikipedia). 2002
Deals On Wheels Donald is trying to sell either his Wolseley 18/85 or Hillman Minx. The Minx goes, freeing up garage space, so he doesn't have to sell the 18/85! Not Known
Harry Enfield The late Ian Ingram's Wolseley appears in the "Young Man" sketch when two randy pensioners molest and kidnap a young petrol pump attendant. See the video on You Tube 1998
Heartbeat Nina Hughes' MkII 1800 appeared in various scenes including a car showroom, standing in a farmyard and as a taxi. Unfortunately you have to watch all of the episodes for odd brief appearance. Now her MkI KOW has been used by Heartbeat, in the Christmas episode, (we believe towards the end), with artificial snow everywhere. Actor Todd Carty is looking up at the winter sky and the KOW is just behind him covered in 'snow'of course. 1995-2009
Dempsey & Makepeace* 1965 MkI Austin 1800 makes an appearance. 1985-1986
The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination Video Any colour you like so long as it's orange - MkI features in this video for synthpop outfit The Human League. Making of the video info here. See the video on You Tube 1983
Breakout Wolseley Six stars as the villains' getaway car in this CFTVF classic adventure. The Wolseley comes to a soggy end! Thanks to Club member Adrian Smith for the info. 1983
Quadrophenia MkII Austin 1800 appears in rear view window as Chad played by Sting rides through South London in 1964/65. Other chronological oversights by director Ken Russell include a number of Ford Capris (not Classic Capris) and 1970's Datsuns that can also be seen as Jimmy (the main character) rides his scooter down a London street in the opening scene. 1982
Fox An episode from the television series Fox depicts a futile attempt by police to block a lorry's progress with white Morris 1800 MkI - registration OPV 607E. The lorry barges the 'barge' out of the way leaving the Morris with very little visible damage save for the OSR door and the bootlid which are 'removed'. This episode was first broadcast 26th May 1980. 1980

When John McVicar (played by Roger Daltry) escapes from prison he is picked up from his temporary hideout in a Damask Red 1800 MkIIS.

The Plank* Harvest Gold 2200 is this classic short film by comedy supremo Eric Sykes which also starred Arthur Lowe, with appearances from Lionel Blair, Frankie Howerd, Harry H Corbett, Diana Dors, Charles Hawtrey, Bernard Cribbins, Charlie Drake, Wilfred Hyde White, Frank Windsor, Reg Varney, Liza Goddard, Deryck Guyler, Kate O'Mara and Joanna Lumley. Also a Damask Red 1800 (blink and you'll miss it!) See it on You Tube 1979
The Big Sleep* Dark coloured J Reg 18/85 features in a cameo role. 1978
King Cinder Now this might not be the most flattering thing to mention to Landcrab fans...this BBC kid's drama starred Peter Duncan as a motorbike racer and he and his dad get involved with an extortion racket going on in the town. Well the local villain drives a Red Maxi and in an exciting chase at the end the Maxi goes over a cliff. Well, actually it dosen't...its a "Maroon B" MkI Landcrab instead (the boot flies open as it goes over)! A few weeks later this subterfuge actually rated mention on Nationwide in the Watchdog feature. Seems the Maxi was in decent nick while the 1800 was on its last legs...wonder if the BBC still have the clip in their archive?! (Thanks to Ian Pennick, North East Maxi Club regional rep) 1978
The Professionals

Big perms and even biggers egos, cheesy action drama it might be, but this 1970s cult series is so amazingly non-PC you wonder how they got away with it. Episode title unknown, but we have confirmation from James Mclernon that a MarkI Morris 1800 was reversed at high speed by Bodie into a yank tank (broadcast on Men & Motors 6pm 23/05/05). Car possibly of 1967 vintage and colour thought to be light green.

Nick O'Neill, Co Director of adds: " I think the 1800 you refer to in The Professionals maybe an eggshell yellow one (as opposed to light green), which was in the episode Blind Run, originally screened 02/12/1978. There is a great book, Shut It! A Fanís Guide to Cops on the Box by Martin Day & Keith Topping (published by Virgin,1999). It goes over every episode of The Sweeney & The Professionals in some detail, outlining all the cars spotted in each one." Thanks for the update Nick.

The New Avengers* Larger starring role for a (possibly Damask Red) 2200 in episode 15 of the series. 1976-77
Confessions of a Driving Instructor* An 1800 MkI collides with an 1100 during a chase scene.
The Sweeney* Various outings for several models of Landcrab in this hard-punching, all-swearing classic cop drama starring John Thaw and Denis Waterman as the flying squad's toughest, Jack Regan and George Carter. 1975-78
Take Me High Last gasp of Cliff Richard's illustrious movie career. Cliff plays a fast food entrepreneur who scales new heights in culinary excellence by inventing...the "brumburger"! Garnished with sizeable helpings of concrete flyovers, flared trousers, crushed velvet suits, the Rotunda, the (then newly-built) Bullring Centre and – probably the highlight of the film – a brace of Police "Jam Sandwich" 2200s! 1974
Deadly Strangers Hayley Mills and Simon Ward keep fleeing the Police in a Maxi across the West Country. In the cafe scene a black 1800 MkII sits beside the Maxi just to show the models' differences! (Thanks to Ian Pennick, North East Maxi Club regional rep) 1974
Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads? In an episode where Bob (Rodney Bewes) gets done for drink driving, his Viva gets pulled up by a MkII 1800 Jam Sandwich, which could well have been a genuine Durham Constabulary car as they had them at the time...and the outside bits where shot on location in the North East. At the time Northumberland/Tynside used Rootes cars! (Thanks to Ian Pennick, North East Maxi Club regional rep) 1973
Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo* Drive by appearnce by a Morris 1800 MkII in that well known classic Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo (Dr Jekyll and the Wolfman)! 1972
The Offence Sir Sean Connery plays a tough Police detective in London prepared to bend the rules to catch his man. Film features shots of Sean Connery driving a black Morris 1800. 1972
Frenzy* Passing cameo of a Wolseley 18/85 and London Bus. 1972
Trafic* Jacques Tati as Monsiur Hulot causes mayhem on the way to Amsterdam in this French comedy outing. A sectioned Austin 1800 MkII appears on a turntable during the motor show scene, while a white MkII with black vinyl roof appears in the background of other shots. 1971
Carry On Camping Camp humour and a host of double-entendres – plus sporadic appearances by a Mk2 1800 masquerading as the local taxi...British cinema at its best?! 1969
If.... Grey Austin 1800 MkI passes in background as Malcolm McDowell runs across a newly prepared flower bed on the Promenade in Cheltenham in this cult Lindsay Anderson masterpiece. 1969
Up the Junction A brand new grey Wolseley 18/85 features. A young Dennis Waterman took the lead role in this gritty social drama. 1968
The Champions* White MkI Austin appears as street furniture in episode 15 of this show about a trio of agents with special powers working to thwart the forces of evil – funny how nothing's changed over the years! 1968